It is a nod to our past, and a wink to our future.
We chose one object that defines us, has made an impact on us, and reminds us of our creative journey. [Re]collection is about our combined past collections, however,
it touches more on our futures. Life is one big collection, and for the rest of our lives, we will be collectors.

We are describing our journey, being ourselves, and sharing our passion as creatives.
The Graphic Design Senior Show lets you glimpse into our lives and minds. We individually showcase the work we created during our growth in the design program. It's basically a time to show our artwork and to just have a good time with good people!

We would love to see you attend, so please feel free to join us.

My name is Ben Miller a.k.a Money Millz! I'm a graphic designer from Mt Juliet, TN, and I'm ready to take on a big city. I've been interested in art my entire life, but I didn't quite know what to use it for until I came to the University of Tennessee. I'll play soccer and football any day of the week and I love outdoor activities. I have a passion for design and photography, but my main interest lies within branding & sports design.

Thinking back on all of the objects I have collected in the past, the only items that have stuck with me are
my hats. I collect a hat from every interesting place that I visit. Sometimes I will see a hat with inspirational type or imagery that grabs me. They take me back to specific moments in my life and help bring me comfort in tough situations. I know it sounds silly, but they motivate me to push myself. It is almost as if they are my anchor--
a way that I express my personality and style.

------------------ Ben Miller's Work ------------------

My portfolio consists of mainly photography and brand development. I have a few pieces from internships as well as from my classes during my time at UT.
As a child,
I was always drawing.

I entered every drawing contest I could find and took every elementary school art class project as a chance to create something I wanted to see become tangible.
As a university student, I originally was a journalism major but I quickly realized that there was something missing:passion. I found graphic design and immedi-
ately felt at home. As Hannah, I grew up in England and moved to Knoxville, Tennessee when I was 8. I am always thrilled to learn more about history and to build up my small but numerous collections at home.

On the day that we first moved into the studio and selected our desk areas, I decided to bring in this
seat cushion. It was a thoughtless action but I later realized that I did so in order to brighten my creative space and be physically more comfortable in preparation for long hours of working hard. I think I should apply this idea to every aspect of my life. Make a home outside of the comfort zone and you'll quickly find yourself to be much more comfortable.

------------------  Hannah Holder's Work ------------------

My portfolio can be broken up into chapters of my graphic design education (as I'm sure many others can, actually), printmaking classes, internships at a magazine and wedding stationary boutique, and thereafter a desire to delve into more digital design. All of these shape what my portfolio is today. I choose to focus on my digital work, though, due to the fact that I plan on focusing my career on digital design.
I constantly ask myself:
what am I investing into my life and what am I living for? The answers are constantly developing. I seek out and create new opportunities to learn. I have a bucket list that I am constantly crossing off and adding to. Looking forward, I always want to be learning and having fun.

The duality of my globe bookend encourages view-
ing the world in different ways while exploring
and connecting. It sits on my desk as a reminder
to experience the present while always looking to
the future.

------------------  Jennifer Jernigan's Work ------------------

My work reflects my interest in exploring knowledge and connections. There is always something to learn, and there is always another way to view things. I enjoy the challenge of creating elements that seamlessly and beautifully blend.
I grew up in a large family
with 7 brothers and sisters.

I am very much a family person, and when I'm not working, I spend as much time as I can with them.
I have always been curious about everything around me, and love being outside and exploring. I went to a private Christian school from kindergarten through my senior year, and that played a big role in shaping who I am as a person.

Dolls, glitter and makeup were not for me, growing up. My interests were more inline with basketball, volleyball, football and basically anything competitive.
A concrete basketball court in the backyard, three big brothers and years of school sports provided thousands of hours of entertainment. Basketball was the first thing that taught me about dedication, passion, how to have fun, be a leader and to be a team player.

------------------  Jessica Johnson's Work ------------------

Finding order out of chaos is what I love to do. I strive to make things that are honest, straightforward and relevant. Outside of design, I dabble in photography, and love finding ways to incorporate it into my work.
From middle Tennessee,
to the mountains of Vietnam and back again.

I have by no means seen it all, but what I do see, I use as reference points in my work, whether the style or the story.

Living in Southeast Asia for the majority of my childhood, I learned to be flexible in situations and to run with it. Being the third of six children helped too. Creating from an early age with anything I could get my hands on--bottle caps, trash from the beach, or recycling--I would use my handy hot glue gun to create the things that I imagined. Coming from a dad who tells amazing stories and a mom who loves to read, I developed a hunger to create my own stories. I soon had too many ideas and too little time.

So when the time came for me to head to college, I was pointed in the direction of graphic design, which appeared to combine the many aspects that I already enjoyed so well.
I thought, "Why not?" And here I am.

Pink Chucks, All-Stars, High Tops. I've thought that these kinds of shoes were cool when I first saw the P.F. Flyers in The Sandlot. So, holding that dream in my head I waited and without even asking, my parents got me a pair--light pink. It made me so happy. That was the Christmas I was 13 and I've been wearing them ever since. Scruffy, and falling apart, they're a part of my journey.

------------------  Josie Henry's Work ------------------

I love illustration, typography (especially handwritten type), and storytelling. I like to find ways to get stories across, whether by writing them down literally, or by showing
them pictorially. History, the world's or my own family history, fascinates me and plays a role in my work. I feel like details are key to a project making it work as a whole. If I can distill it down to the simplest form--I judge it a success.

I have three loves in my life:
music, stories, and design. I find that although I can list these loves plainly, to me, they tend to morph into one passion that Webster has yet to define. Graphic Design is my trade and my ultimate goal with it is to change the world. I mean that in all seriousness.

I have worn these triangles around my neck since 2010. I did not buy them as an accessory. I earned them living on a bus, practicing 13 hours a day for 3 months in order to perfect a show that would tour the nation with 149 fellow lunatics. I have worn these triangles around my neck since 2010 because they remind me of who I am and who I can be. They are three sided to represent what change can happen when you put trust in your instructors, your peers, and yourself; when you connect your head with your heart with your hands; and when you take the jump to be daring, passionate,
but above all else, undeniable.

------------------  Kyoko Eng's Work ------------------

In my work I enjoy blurring the lines between analogue and digital processes and finding connections between unlike things.

I have been a math
and a science teacher.

I have also been an Adobe tech instructor and a hired set of hands as a freelance designer, but something changed that led me to the hard, but really good decision, to complete a BFA in design. Wow, what a crazy ride - this process has taught me a tremendous amount about myself as a designer and as a person. If I didn't know before, I definitely know now - I was made to do this. I absolutely love helping people and being a designer is a perfect way for me to do this.

So what's with the apple? It started with an apple.
It was given to me, the teacher, during the first year I taught school. Then it was a Macintosh apple in the form of a laptop, and I explored the world of design - and it was good. The two worlds collided and I chose to reinvent myself - again. So here I am, apple in hand,
ready to take a bite and explore the unknown.

------------------  Melissa Dos Santos' Work ------------------

Design is everywhere and speaks to everything.I love that as a graphic designer I get to tell stories that help people communicate their ideas and achieve goals in a creative way. My purpose is to find the cleanest, simplest, yet most beautiful way to achieve this goal. Somedays I'm a programmer,animator, illustrator, photographer, or even a painter.
Ideas flow when I let the concept and not the form dictate my path. I've found that the "whys" will make the "hows" possible when I create visually.

I have always been
interested in the idea of design.

It all began with working on spreads for my high
school yearbook. As I gradually learned more and more about what design is and what I can do with it I knew
I was doing what I love. I am constantly exploring all things art and design related to further my skill sets.
I hope to keep on creating fun, intelligent, and concep-
tual designs in the future.

Since I could remember I've always carried my Chinese good luck charm around with me. It's a small represen-
tation of who I am. The first thing someone notices about me is that I'm Asian, and that's totally fine with me because I am who I am. When opportunity presents itself I like to showcase my culture in my work. I am fortunate to be able to have such a worldly view about life in general and I think that is a huge advantage.

------------------  Melody Hwang's Work ------------------

My work style is quite contemporary--simplistic and structural. I like to keep my designs clean and minimalistic. Most of my work consists of print--branding and posters.
I can often be found at one of the coffee shops downtown.
I also hang out with friends on Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market, or take a quiet jog by the water. I am inspired by my father, who is a landscape designer, and my aunts and uncles, which also are in creative fields.
I embrace having fun, being spontaneous, and taking time to talk to everyone that cross my path.

I am a local from the Knoxville area, and I'm passionate about the people and the graphic design here. As a child, I spent most of my time playing sports, getting dirty outside, and earning "talkative" on my progress reports from my teachers. Today, I have transferred
this energy into serving and collaborating with other graphic designers. Design is a lifestyle and sport to me. I believe if someone wants to be good, they must be enthusiastic, resourceful, playful, focused, unafraid of
failure, and most of all be a team player.

I remember every Saturday outside playing. Playing consumed my childhood.
No computers. No mobile phones. Cable television was not on my radar.
Nothing could interrupt me. No one could catch me. My shoes provided me the
ability to explore.Laced-up tight, not one eyelet was left out. What good are shoes
with no shoelaces?

------------------  Meridith Owens' Work ------------------

My work is inspired by patterns in nature and the use of negative space. I enjoy organizing large amounts of information and creating new ways to increase it's effectiveness.
After college, I hope to continue building my career in digital design, while nurturing my interests in branding.

I'm a budding designer
with a thirst for improving.

My math and puzzle wired brain thrives on solving design problems using my artistic talent. I am highly competitive with a notable history in athletics. I like
to compete through design by striving for the most innovative and effective creative solutions.

I have a long line of cat lovers in my family. There is no shortage of little cat figurines around the house. I know what you're thinking... crazy cat lady. But hey, that's okay with me. Believe it or not, cats are actually one of the biggest supporters of design. They keep your lap warm while you're working. They enforce the principle of taking frequent breaks by lying on your keyboard. They encourage you to familiarize yourself with all the settings of your programs by stomping on buttons and changing your preferences. They never tire from watching you work as demonstrated by their intense tracking of your mouse on the screen.

------------------  Rae Clagett's Work ------------------

I have a very tactile approach to design. Taking my work beyond a single sensory experience is important to me. I love the organic quality that hand done elements can bring and try to incorporate them into my work as often as possible. The beauty of simplicity and clean design also appeals to me and I like to balance the two in my work.

My need for competition started at an early age.
Drawing alongside my twin brother while I was younger always ended up in a match of "my picture is better." This competition spanned outside of just between my siblings and I. I have a need (a borderline unhealthy obsession) to work harder than those around me. It is this fight for success that has always pushed me to do my best in school and in life.

Art has always been a joy of mine, and graphic design appeases my need for a challenge. I enjoy Rock'em Sock'em Robots; it is the ultimate form of speedy competition. The results can be chaotic, but ultimately fun--and the same goes with Graphic Design. The child-
like humor of the fighting robot game is something I really enjoy. I also have an appreciation for the simple concept, in conjunction with the technical construct of the toy itself.

------------------  Zane Davis' Work ------------------

I enjoy making light-hearted work, using bright colors, and if humor is involved that
is a plus. Digital design is my strongest area of expertise, but I also regularly make
three-dimensional pieces.

There was always a competition for recognition while growing up.
This is because I grew up as a twin, and the youngest of three boys. Being a twin, there weren't a lot of things I could call my own, and that's where my competitive drive came from. I also grew up in the interesting position of moving state-to-state across the East coast, and eventually living in a homeless shelter for a short period of time. These struggles have forged who I am, but have never kept me down.

I feel as though I'm a piece of a competitive environ-
ment, all the while being recognized as half of a two-part system; i.e. a twin designer.

------------------  Zared Davis' Work ------------------

Childish, yet intuitively educational. I feel as though I'm a child at heart; someone who enjoys the simple things like cartoons, videogames, and toys. For this reason, much of my work will revolve around games, or even illustrations such as comics.

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